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There's no question that surgery lovers are a special breed of self sacrificing & hard working humans. We deserve to feel special, so I made a gift guide/wish list that will spoil every surgery lover in your life.

What is normal for us- like the love of blood, guts, sexual innuendo and & standing for obscene amounts of time might frighten most, but this is just some of the many things we do for the love of surgery.

We work long and we work hard. *wink and the gun and

nothing runs deeper for surgical peeps than our love and undying passion for all things surgery. When it comes to gifting and spoiling this rare breed, surgery people love nothing more than functional gifts that- you guessed it- have to do with surgery lol, cuz were all nerds. We like cool stuff we can use at work that makes our #surgerylife easier, more comfortable, but also stylish and cool so that we can, feel good and- you know- floss in the lounge.

We've compiled a crush-worthy list of items that will make any surgery lover squeal as if a long case was canceled on a Friday night. Heads up some of my posts contain affiliate links which means if you buy something through one of those links you will not pay a penny more, and sometimes even less than retail price, and well get a small commission that helps to keep the lights on. Enjoy!

I hope you have enjoyed this list as much as I've enjoyed putting it together! Feel free to share with this gift guide with that special someone in your life, your BFF or you know, Santa Claus :)


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