The struggle is real to find Pas to shadow normally. Then COVID came along and pshhhhhh- FORGET IT. There are more important things to tend to right now, I get it. But through this time of uncertainty, I want you to hold your dreams closer than ever. If being a PA is something that you are sure you want or even if it’s something you want to explore, I want to give you some insight as to how to intelligently find, reach out to and close a shadowing gig for yourself with a PA.

As a pre-PA once myself, I know firsthand how difficult it truly is. In fact, it was so hard I didn’t find any! Back in 2004 I got into PA school with zero PA shadowing experience and not ever even meeting a PA in real life. I know what a task it is.

There are no guidelines, no database or a how-to book to help find shadows. Like me, chances are you're probably just winging it on google and hoping you stumble across something useful that will get you closer to shadowing a PA. So allow me to introduce my star student who shadowed me and is a pre-pa who crushed shadowing,