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If there is a Physician Assistant in your life & you need unique gift ideas, look no further.

And hey, if the PA in your life you love most just so happens to be you- then by all means get yourself a little somethin' something too!

This year I created a very unique gift guide for PAs because as a PA myself- there are only so many PA coffee mugs and keychains you can get before the stuff begin to pile up.

Not that I don't truly appreciate the gifts and the kind sentiment behind them, but

after 15 years of PAdom, I wanted something more thoughtful, more useful in the long term & also something that could somehow pour back into the PA profession.

As if that wasn't enough I wanted the gifts to also be as green as possible in an effort to be kinder to the planet in a season that creates an unbelievable amount of consumer waste.

It's a tall order, but your girl got it done!

You know that I think experiences > Stuff and that tools that actually make life better are also very much > than stuff.

So this year, in honor of more mindful spending and intentional living, I wanted to create a Holiday Gift Guide for PAs that

gives the lovable PAs in your life experiences & tools to make their lives better

I also made sure that these gifts also pour back into the PA profession and hard-working PAs by featuring PA-owned businesses, entrepreneurs, creatives, and side hustlers.

I wanted this gift guide to be thoughtful, unique, and not too bad on the wallet.

And for the chronic last-minute gift scramblers like myself, I also included several downloadable digital products and memberships you can gift in an email or print out and slide in with a cute card if you don't want to worry about supply chain issues or shipping delays.

Here are my picks for really thoughtful gift ideas for PAs that support PA-owned small businesses & deliver happiness, experiences & tools to make your favorite PAs (even if it is you *wink*) life easier.

What's even better is that I secured discounts for you on most of these products and services, and if you purchase through these links or use any of the codes I get a small commission at no extra cost to you and you help a fellow PA pay her student loans a litter faster.

PA Gifts by Personality

Montana x Snips Code KCALCANO


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