Updated: May 10

When I was on my Physician Assistant school application journey, I had the most difficult time writing my personal statement.  What is crazy, is that writing had always been a passion of mine!  In college I wrote for our student newspaper and even got one of my research papers published, but when it came to CASPA, the writing well went completely dry.  Like Sahara dry. The struggle was so real, and the writers block was metastatic, all consuming, and getting worst by the day.

I had developed so much anxiety around writing this statement, that every time I sat down to make an attempt, I would end up in such a whirlwind of panic, tachycardia, and hyperventilation, that I would have to leave my apartment to calm myself down. I did this for weeks.

It was so much pressure! I thought about how my whole future was dependent on my ability to somehow convey on this one statement, how badly I wanted to be a PA.  It was paralyzing.

One day, I came home after a stressful day at the emergency animal hospital where I worked as a Veterinary Technician. I decide to have a glass of wine, why not, I thought, I deserved it, after a day of cleaning up the byproducts of canine hemorrhagic gastroenteritis. Well, one glass became two, and halfway through that second glass- (I’m a cheap date, what can I tell ya), I sat down in front of the computer, and the words began to pour out of me.