Updated: Nov 21, 2019

So you survived all the grueling semesters and tests and now finally you are ready to get you a job and finally earn some money. Then you start looking for a job, and every. single. job wants previous experience. How can you possibly get a job when all the jobs you see demand the one thing that you do not have?

Didn't we already go through this when we were looking for our first jobs as teenagers?

Don't fret! I have great news for you. Employers want experienced people, but they don't necessarily need them. They just basically want to avoid the time and monetary investment that is required to train someone because they've probably been burned before by employees they invested time, resources and training on who just ended up leaving them.

I’ll tell you a secret: a lot of employers looking to fill non-leadership, health care positions who advertise wanting experience, would very likely consider a new grad if they are smart and self-motivated enough.

Trust me, in my experience healthcare employers loooooove nothing more than to save money. Most would hire the right new grad if it was the right fit, they had the kind of qualities that would make training relatively easier, and the opportunity just happened to present itself. For instance, when a student on rotation shines and the practice loves that student so much they hire them, even if they were not necessarily looking for anyone.

New grads and students that supersede expectations are any employers jackpot. This is why it's so very important that while on rotations as a student, you seek to become part of the workflow, get involved in helping them achieve practice goals and unburden them in any way you can so that basically act like you're already an employee. Every rotation is a 6 week Job interview.

But that's a whole other blog post. Back to you being an absolute Jackpot. Believe it or as a new grad, you have one huge competitive advantage over the experienced folks: YOU ARE MUCH CHEAPER. I know that doesn't sound like such a great thing, but it is! Hear me out.

When businesses are presented with the choice between a highly experienced person and a highly motivated new grad- the fact that you're cheaper will weigh heavily in your corner.

With a highly motivated