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T’was a wonderful day of firsts! People in all stages of surgical PA development enjoyed h
Future PA Lounge

Welcome  to

Hey There Future PA!

These are my areas of expertise & how I can help you on your journey to PA:

If you are a Pre-PA I can help you craft a masterful, acceptance-worthy PA School Application essay! Check out my  
PA Personal Statement Course.

If you're a PA Student or New Grad PA & surgery is your thing-  I can definitely help you successfully master the operating room. 
 I'm a seasoned surgical PA educator & the OR  is my natural habitat! 

My entire library of resources is available to you for free below.  

xx Karen

Image by National Cancer Institute

PA Personal

Statement Help

Image by Olga Kononenko
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Learn Surgery

Image by Annie Spratt
Image by Annie Spratt

New Grad


More resources to help you on your journey to PA

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