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by Karen Calcano PA-C

physician assistant in Fort Lauderdale usa

Hello There!

I'm Karen Calcano.

I’m a seasoned surgical Physician Assistant, writer, and online educator and I help proud medicine nerds everywhere live their most fulfilled life.
I’m a personal statement professor with a huge passion for surgery and healthcare entrepreneurship and Ihelp my students connect with their greatness in these areas. 


Back in 2012, I was a burned-out Cardiothoracic Surgery PA with no personal life.  I was tired of being overworked, underappreciated, and a cog inside of the “profits over patients” culture that healthcare has become.
For my own health, I needed to find a way where I could continue to serve my patients in a way that didn't feel sacrificial to my sanity.
As a devoted PA, I needed to keep helping patients, and as a creative, I needed to allow myself breathing room to create, have a life and pursue my biggest passions.
I wanted a more rewarding way to serve patients within the current healthcare climate that was more aligned with my ethics and long term life goals, so I did something insane. 
I quit my job, created my dream job and started my own first assisting company and never looked back. 
When I’m not operating I’m helping future PAs & & aspiring healthcare entrepreneurs serve in medicine and intelligently navigate the current healthcare climate in a way that aligns with their biggest goals. 
Welcome to  Scalpel & Heart!
I'm so happy you are here.

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