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Are you a PA wanting to maximize your student loan strategy to get you there?

Then this live stream is for you. 

What would a life without student loan debt mean for you?

✔Work optional?

✔Traveling the world?

✔More freedom to spend time with loved ones?

Whatever your goals, surely getting rid of student loan debt forever will help you get there.

From student to new grad, all the way to seasoned PA, this course is for all PAs who want to  learn all about maximizing your student loan strategy in order to maximize your personal and professional freedom.

We will be covering topics such as:

  • Is refinancing, consolidation & forgiveness right for you? Not always- How to come up with the right payoff strategy for you
  • How to avoid lifestyle creep that affects medical professionals
  • How to fix past student loan mistakes, no matter how many you have made!

In addition we’re showing you how to implement the Most impactful actions to help you become free of student loans as soon as possible.

This is a replay of  a live master class you can dissect & digest at your own pace as well.

Includes Q & A session with students from the live as well as a list of books & resources to use to apply what you learn.


Student Loan Lessons for PAs

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