After graduation, the damage was done.

I went to expensive schools, graduated, and now there was nothing I could do about the debt I had incurred.

Between undergrad ($30,000) and PA School ($150,000), I had acquired around $180,000 in debt.

There was nothing else left to do but to pay it off, just like everyone else in the entire United States, right?

So I thought.

What had not occurred to me at that point was there was a different way, a better way, a superior way that required strategy, some sacrifice, and doing the opposite of what everyone else was doing with their student loans.

First, let me tell you about everything I did wrong so that if you have a chance to avoid any of these you can save beaucoup bucks.

My Top 4 Avoidable Student Loan Mistakes

The following massive mistakes cost me 10s of thousands of dollars in interest in addition to the $180 K.

This is a cautionary tale of what not to do when it comes to student loan payoff, and what to do instead.

Mistake # 1

Lowering my Student loan Payment

Picture it: It was 2007, Justin Timberlake's solo album just released, and 'I'm bringing sexy back" is dominating the radio waves.


In my infinite new grad naivete, like most people I believed that the next thing to do after graduation was get to making money ASAP so that I could finally put an end to living like a student.

I wasn't looking for lavish. I just wanted regular. To be fre